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ImpactNFT Connect +

SHOUT ART GALLERY, 1/F Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road

December 13 - 18 2021

Following the success of our debut ImpactNFT Exhibition, the ImpactNFT Alliance will partner with the Social Alpha Foundation (SAF) for a week of evening panel discussions auction, and workshops. ImpactNFT Connect + is co-hosted with Shout Art Gallery Hysan Place, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.


ImpactNFT Exhibition, Hong Kong Oct 2021


Hong Kong's first NFT exhibition to support global impact projects




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Impact NFTs

The ImpactNFT Alliance is a next-generation association of  organizations using NFTs to ignite and accelerate the planet-positive impact of Web3 projects through the pursuit of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

We welcome all projects from the blockchain and crypto industry that have an impact component or wish to develop one dedicated to positive societal outcomes using NFTs. Our goal is to create a vibrant community that sets aside differences and collaborates towards the next generation of NFTs using a myriad of innovative ways and use cases to create positive societal change.


Exhibiting Partners


Project Ark

Project Ark is designed to create a triple win scenario between the artist, collector and the impact project. The project is an innovative new blockchain-powered conservation platform built in partnership between Carbonbase and the leading international organization World Wildlife Fund Panda Labs. We have created an online marketplace for rare digital collectibles or NFTs, which directly fund animal and environmental conservation efforts around the worldWe connect passionate artists with purpose-driven buyers, to support international NGO’s and local communities. Project Ark has become a home for creatives from all mediums, to sell their work and know that they are making a difference in the process.



Operation Santa Claus (OSC) is the Christmas-themed fundraising drive co-organised by the South China Morning Post (SCMP) and public broadcaster Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) since 1988. Its aim is to make a difference to the community by combining the fundraising power of two of the most respected news organisations in the city. For the past 33 years, OSC has brought joy, goodwill and over HK$333 million to 320 local charities. The spirit of giving lies at the heart of OSC's mission. It wants to inspire more people to engage in charity work, to volunteer and donate out of a sense of community and care. It is a platform for cooperation and collaboration, working with corporations, donors and charitable projects to create real change. As part of this year’s campaign, five local artists will auction their NFTs (non-fungible tokens) starting from November to raise funds for OSC. These are new works made for OSC that demonstrate the creativity that has been unleashed by a technology which allows for the authentication of “official” editions of digital art and which gives artists a royalty from future sales. Here is the list of artists: Evangeline Chan (Mooncasket), Ophelia Jacarini, Kwok Mang-ho (Frog King), Rainbow Tse and Natalie Wong (Papersneaker)

eo.png (EO) is a Global Non-Profit Environmental News and Data Science Platform registered in Hong Kong. It aims to bring attention to what is happening to our natural ecosystems worldwide. EO advocates for sustainable economic policies, for the protection of the natural environment, and an extension of global governance or oversight to cover the global commons. Earth.Org created its first-ever impact NFTs. This was inspired by the winning photos of its 2021 Earth.Org Global Wildlife & Natural World Photography Competition. The purpose of joining Project Ark and creating our NFTs is to raise awareness for climate change and the impact humans have on the planet. We are advocating for solutions to build a better future. Our NFTs aim to inspire hope by showcasing what change would look like. The proceeds of the sales will support EO’s Global Ecosystem development of Photographers, NGO partners, and Global Ambassadors, as well as fund its operations.


Purple Penguin

Purple Penguin is on a mission with the help of our community to aid climate conservation and raise awareness through crypto, NFTs, and blockchain games. In collaboration with Project Ark, Manaaki, Pebble, and Hau are here to raise funds and awareness for as well as future Project Ark projects. These NFTs were designed by Jun Premiro of Mercenary Art Studio. Jun and the team have been featured in DC, Marvel, Topps, and Upper Deck products.


Break The Chain

Break the Chain is fusing street art with Augmented Reality to raise awareness by bringing trafficked species to the streets of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a wildlife trafficking hub and current laws are not enough but "Break the Chain" succeeded in its efforts to make wildlife trafficking illegal in Hong Kong.

Snarky Sharkz


SnarkySharkz are 5,000 unique NFTs fin-selected and sent on a mission by the future empire of Sharktopia to save the oceans before it’s too late. Five percent of the revenue from the sale of these limited NFTs will go towards funding SeaLegacy, a network of 21st-century storytellers creating a healthy, abundant ocean through the production of powerful media and art made to inspire hope. Another 5% of the proceeds will support the cleanup of underwater munitions waste from our oceans and seas. The effort is shepherded by, an organization created to make ocean conservation enforcement more viable and less expensive, as well as ULTRAMARINE, a summit of scientists, policy experts, entrepreneurs, artists, and like-minded activists intent on tackling pollution and regenerating our ocean ecosystems. These NFTs back up their conservational cautionary tale with complete carbon emission offsets and a negative carbon footprint ensured by Project Ark. Project Ark offsets SnarkySharkz’ carbon emissions by supporting GaiaTogether’s mangrove regeneration project.

Sovereign Art Foundation


The Sovereign Art Foundation (SAF) is a charitable organisation that was founded in 2003 with a well-defined twin focus: to recognise the growing wealth of contemporary art talent in Asia and bring the proven benefits of expressive arts to disadvantaged children. In the same year, SAF launched The Sovereign Asian Art Prize, now recognised as the most established and prestigious annual art award in Asia-Pacific. The Prize increases the international exposure of artists in the region, whilst raising funds by auctioning shortlisted artworks and sharing proceeds equally between the participating artists and SAF. SAF uses these proceeds to fund programmes that support disadvantaged children and children with SEN, as well as teachers, social workers, and caregivers, using expressive arts. This model has so far raised over US$9 million for artists and charities worldwide. This year, SAF transformed a selection of original artworks shortlisted for The 2021 Sovereign Asian Art Prize into limited edition NFTs – representing some of the best artists working in Asia today. The proceeds from each NFT sale will be split equally between the artist and SAF’s charitable endeavors. In some cases, the original artwork will also be available for sale.



Dot brings together the work of eight internationally recognized Mexican artists, in which an interest in the creation of visual work from the use of digital media has arisen for a long time. At this moment when the NFTs have arrived, this exploration becomes more relevant due to the emergence of new audiences with a great interest in this type of artwork. Selected artists include Cecilia Barreto, Daniel Lara Ballesteros, Francisco Larios,  Eugenia Martinez, Daniel Perez Rios, Lorena Rodríguez and Oscar Soto Lozano. DOT supports the Nashulai Maasai Conservancy, the first ever community-owned and directed wildlife conservancy, located in Kenya as well as the Global Coralition which unites art, science and community to regenerate collapsing coral reef ecosystems in North America and Asia.


Vintage Mozart

VintageMozart is a digital Afrofuturist/Afro surrealist collage artist from Harare Zimbabwe. His art tells the story of African tales and Mythological stories blended with other cultures that inspire him around the world. He uses topographic lines as a way to tell his story In every piece of work and try and give an adventure for everyone who purchases his work.


Located in Sheung Wan, Soho House Hong Kong is a place for creative thinkers to meet, relax, eat and drink.

The newly opened Soho Friends Sheung Wan Studio on the ground floor of the building will host the exhibition. Members and their friends will have access during the two-week period. During the evening hours, several events will be held for art lovers, NFT enthusiasts, crypto experts, and anyone interested in using technology to create positive change and social impact.

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Join us online with our Metaverse Partner!

The Nemesis reimagines the web as a common ground for shared experiences to revolutionize the worlds of gaming, social and entertainment through the blockchain. Members will have the opportunity to explore the Metaverses where they can participate in live events, play challenges and meet new friends through an amazing interactive experience.

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