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Value Proposition

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The term NFT or non-fungible token broke out of the close-knit community of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts in the early 2021 and became one of the most talked about investment medium by the end of 2021. We hope the awareness for ImpactNFT can reach the same level in the near future, and the Alliance can play a role in educating the public and establishing a standard on what is and what is not ImpactNFT. 

We model the ImpactNFT Alliance after the Science Based Targets Network (SBTN) or the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) which are globally-recognized organizations that drive corporate engagement in sustainability. These can be thought of like the Paris Accords for companies, where organizations make their own commitments and the Alliance aids them in impact creation and achieving these goals. We start with pooling our resources together, creating an education and knowledge sharing platform. More importantly, we start with creating positive incentives for Proof of Impact, an improvement upon the Paris and SBTN models.

What is needed to join the Alliance?

  • Organizations must make specific commitments to Impact and demonstrate “Proof of Impact” (PoI)

  • To identify areas of impact and PoI, organizations should follow the steps (with potential guidance from the ImpactNFT Alliance team): 

    • Assess: Evaluate how your organization and your value chain impact different sustainability issue areas

    • Interpret & Prioritize: Determine which areas is your organization able to create and demonstrate impact 

    • Measure/Set/Disclose: Collect data and determine your baseline for each of your sustainability priorities in line with the UN SDGs, and then disclose goals to the ImpactNFT Alliance 

    • Act: Leverage the tools and resources of the ImpactNFT Alliance and our numerous partners to pursue the completion of impact goals

    • Track: Monitor your progress and report milestones as needed

Membership Benefits of the Alliance

Social and Business Networking Opportunities

ImpactNFT Alliance hosts monthly events and programs to allow members to meet other ecosystem builders, NFT project creators, investors, founders, mentors and advisors. We hope to create a dynamic and vibrant ecosystem of knowledge exchange, networking online, as well as in-person events such as ImpactNFT Exhibitions, social to educational gatherings, and our annual ImpactNFT Summit.

Working Groups: By the members, for the members.

The ImpactNFT Alliance seeks to create thought leadership, elevating the work of our member projects and ventures in their growth and development, highlighting impact creation, the innovations happening at the center of Regenerative Finance and Decentralized Finance.


 ImpactNFT Alliance will host several working groups, ranging from DAO and Governance, Sustainability, NFT Trends, Metaverse, Technology, Marketing. Through this platform, members can propose event ideas and initiatives, as well as the most important issues affecting your business sector. 

Sharing Contacts

Find a contact database for every member of the alliance, as well as an invite-only members social media group, that allows members to meet each other.

Events and Resources

ImpactNFT Alliance has published a whitepaper (The “Purple Paper”) and  will publish an annual report based on research of NFT project and impact creation globallyy, as well as the first ever Global ImpactNFT Project list. In addition, the Alliance forms strong working relationships with major conference and event organizers, presenting at global NFT events such as NFTLA, NFTMiami, NFT.NYC, Art Basel, Digital Asset Fair, ImpactNFT Exhibition.


ImpactNFT Alliance will allow members to cross attend digital seminars, and conferences a year, featuring top business and government leaders, industry experts, and professional facilitators, addressing timely and relevant issues. 

With over 30+ members, the Alliance network also offers a wealth of resources such as sustainability, legal advice, industry research, partnerships and even discounts for services.   

Learning and Professional Development

ImpactNFT Alliance also seeks to help individuals and working professionals in the Web3 space to continue to develop their understanding and capabilities in the space, while building awareness about the extremely urgent and challenging social and sustainability issues in the world.


 ImpactNFT Alliance will build educational courses to allow people to understand web3 tool development for impact. People who complete the classes will receive an ImpactNFT Learning certificate.

Public Service and Government Advocacy

ImpactNFT Alliance will work with regulatory agencies, government bodies, and global NGOs to drive awareness, adoption and understanding of how the NFTs can make positive change in various jurisdictions and local economies and ecosystems. 

Press and Exposure

Join us on a corporate/company level and unlock additional representation in ESG and impact creation, priority invitations, and sponsorship opportunities, add on additional members at a lower cost.

ImpactNFT Alliance has an online news site and weekly newsletters dedicated to all things of impact in the NFT space globally. There will be opportunities and spaces to highlight our members’ business activities and achievements. Our website also provides space and opportunities for by-line articles, expert opinion and commentary contributions.  

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Free & Trial Membership

  • Set and declare Impact Commitments with the intention to share PoI on an annual basis

  • Members of the ImpactNFT Alliance should, in good faith, attempt to participate in the community of Alliance members and support other organizations where they have faith in

  • Demonstrating to the global impact community that you have made specific commitments to improving the world, adding an “ImpactNFT Member” badge to your website, social media, and external materials

  • Tertiary access to some of the events and resources organized by the administrators of the ImpactNFT Alliance

  • Discounted subscription to ImpactNFT reports

Premium Memberships

  • Impact Contribution (100% tax-deductible?) of 1 ETH (potential waiver for NGOs?), and 3 ETH for organizations with revenues larger than 1M USD

  • Recommended: Community perk offerings (e.g. discounted ImpactNFTs, consulting services, metaverse land, products, concerts, tokens, etc)

  • Access to community organization perks (concerts for employees, tokens, etc)

  • Access to community resources and partnerships (events, collaborations, etc)

  • Access to our Online Community 

  • Free subscription for Premium members and their employees 

Use of Membership Fees

  • Organizing and producing various activities and events for members

  • Funding of operation costs for the Alliance including but not limited to marketing, outreach education of Impact NFT globally

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