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Hong Kong’s First Sustainable NFT Art Exhibition to Raise Funds for Social Impact Projects


Earth.Org is taking part in the city’s first sustainable NFT art exhibition, in which proceeds will go towards meaningful charities around the world driving positive social and environmental change.

ImpactNFT Alliance, a digital platform that utilises non-fungible tokens (NFT) towards positive societal impacts and change, is hosting Hong Kong’s first NFT art exhibition, to demonstrate how blockchain technology can be a force for good rather than an environmental polluter.

The ImpactNFT Exhibition will be held at the Soho House Hong Kong from October 15-24, and is curated in partnership with Project Ark, a blockchain platform built by Panda Labs, the innovation arm of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and Sovereign Art Foundation. The event will showcase a range of NFT artworks created specially for charity organisations and global impact projects dedicated to achieving the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which contains measures to mitigate climate change as well as a range of social targets such as access to education and gender equality.

“We want to show Hong Kong and the world the power of NFTs for social and environmental impact by creating a win-win for artists, charities, and our partners,” says Roy Weissbach, Business Development Advisor at Project Ark. “The ImpactNFT Exhibition is spotlighting projects merging art and technology to change the face of sustainability forever.”

On display at the art show will include artworks from Project Ark’s Genesis Drop, South China Morning Post, SnarkySharkz, and Purple Penguin. Also at the exhibition will be stunning images by VintageMozar, who will be supporting the Nashulai Maasai Conservancy in East Africa, as well as art collective DOT, presenting NFTs by eight Mexican artists minted for charity.

Earth.Org is also taking part in this first-of-its-kind exhibition and will be presenting stunning images depicting the human impacts on the environment by Chin Leong Teo, the winner of our 2021 Global Wildlife & Natural World Photography Competition, who beat out more than 400 talented photographers from over 60 countries to take the top prize.

NFTs, which are proof of ownership of digital art, allow digital artists to assert the originality of their work. When an artist mints an NFT of their work, an entry into a digital ledger, or a blockchain, is created. Each transaction can be energy intensive and generates a certain amount of carbon emissions during the process. Though it’s difficult to calculate exactly how much emissions are produced in a single transaction, there’s been growing concern over the environmental impacts of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. However, this exhibition aims to dispel those reservations.

Sales from the exhibition will utilise a “proof of stake” method, which uses far less power compared to traditional blockchain transactions, and go towards important projects that will help drive positive social and environmental change across the globe.

RSVP and register by October 11 to attend the exhibition in person, or visit any of the following websites to view and purchase the artworks online:,, and

Featured image by: Chin Leong Teo

To learn more, please refer to the following link:

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