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Neal Stephenson, Author Who Coined ‘Metaverse,’ Just Bought His First NFTs

By Jordan Pearson

Neal Stephenson, sci-fi author of 1992's Snow Crash and coiner of the term "metaverse," purchased his first NFTs on Thursday.

Stephenson's first NFT artwork was "Neophyte MMXXII #94" by artist Sterling Crispin. The generative piece is inspired by nature and comes from the Art Blocks platform, where 25 percent of the initial sale of the NFTs went to Native Animal Rescue, an organization that rescues and rehabilitates wildlife in Santa Cruz County. The sale was announced on Thursday evening by Crispin in a tweet saying that he is "very proud and humbled."

Stephenson purchased the work for .888 ETH ($1,864), and shortly after purchased another generated artwork from the Terraforms collection for .27 ETH ($567). Both NFTs currently live at his vanity Ethereum address, nealtstephenson.eth, which is also an NFT that was purchased just before the artworks.

"I became aware of Sterling Crispin’s work while thinking about a generative art project that I’m collaborating on," Stephenson said in an email to Motherboard. "As an artist, I like it when artists get paid. So I bought some of his art!"

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